Theories Of Life Stages and Human Development

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Please answer these questions on the website in the discussion area.

  1. Who is Lawrence Kohlberg, and where did he conduct studies for his theory of moral development?
  2. According to Kohlberg how did people progress in their moral reasoning?
  3. What is the first level of moral reasoning and what age groups do the stages primarily apply to?
  4. How did the conventional level get its name?
  5. How do people progress from one stage to another?
  6. Why did Gilligan become known as the founder of difference feminism?
  7. By whom and for what reasons were Gilligan’s work criticized?
  8.  What does the listening guide method consist of?
  9. From what you have read do you think that the work Gilligan has done is inspiring and positive towards women? Give reasons for your opinion.
  10. What is a life structure? How does it pertain to an individual?
  11. What are the four seasonal cycles?       
  12. What ages do the cycles Levinson invented apply to?